FLEXIBLE REPAYMENTS – By choosing a suitable payment frequency you can easily tailor payments to your cash flow and budget. Options such as payment deferrals allow you to defer payments for equipment until it generates a return.

ACCESS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Outdated equipment can hamper your productivity. You can protect against the risk of obsolescence and improve efficiency by upgrading and replacing old equipment with the latest models and maintain your competitiveness and profitability. Financing is a cost effective way of acquiring new replacement or additional assets

BALANCE PAYMENTS WITH BENEFITS – Competitive rates and monthly payments allow you to spread the cost over the lifetime of the equipment to balance payments with benefits.

HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION – Repayments are fixed and, unlike other expenses such as salaries or utilities, do not increase over time. This allows more accurate profit and cash flow planning and protects you against inflation.

CONSERVE CASH AND PRESERVE EXISTING CREDIT LINES – By financing up to 100% of the cost of your equipment you can conserve working capital and existing lines of credit for more strategic business activities.

INCREASE YOUR BORROWING CAPACITY – For leases that qualify under approved accounting standards as operating leases, future rentals are not included in the balance sheet as a liability and the leased equipment is not included as an asset. This may increase your borrowing capacity and improve key financial ratios such as debt/equity and return on assets.

TAX BENEFITS – Financing can be tax-effective for most businesses, though you should always check with your accountant first. Depending on the type of finance and your own situation you can claim some portion of the financing costs as an operating expense.

GENERATE POSITIVE CASH FLOW – Financing enables you to acquire new equipment to make the most of current business opportunities. The additional revenue generated from the increased productivity of the new equipment is usually greater than the cost of finance.

FLEXIBILITY – Compared with outright ownership, financing generally offers a higher degree of flexibility, allowing you to not only tailor payments and terms to your present situation but also be able to adapt to your changing circumstances.

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