Mortgage Brokers Rockhampton

Mortgage Brokers Rockhampton

Servicing Central and Northern Qld and established since 1997 we are your Mortgage Brokers Rockhampton. Our team has guided hundreds of clients buy their first home, refinance their home or invest in property.

We understand that every property purchase and every finance requirement is unique. Therefore we will tailor a finance product that is tailored to your requirements with our access to a wide range of financiers and product options.

How we help?

If this is you first step into the real estate market or your circumstances are changing and you are looking at downsizing or upsizing we have put together a very handy information guide in our guide to buying residential property.

What about if you are a first home buyer?

Buying your first home shouldn’t be daunting but it can be. We will guide you through the home loan process and let you know how much you can afford to spend on buying your new property.

Refinancing or looking to upsize or downsize your property?

If you’ve had your current home loan for a number of years your current loan may not have the range of flexible features that are now available. We recommend that you review your loan from time to time, to make sure it is still has all the features you need. This is where we can help – We offer a no obligation “Home Loan Health Check” consultation. We can have a look at your current loan to assess whether it still suits your current situation. If it doesn’t we will suggest options that may include refinancing or renegotiating your existing loan.

Investment Loans – We have you covered

If you are a first time investor or an experienced investor we have access to a wide range of loans tailored for investors. We work to understand your requirements and then with our expertise determine which financier is suited to provide the finance.

What type of loans are available?

A wide offering of loan options are available, including:

  • STANDARD VARIABLE RATE – the loan interest rate rises and falls in line with prevailing market interest rates.
  • FIXED RATE – the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan.
  • LOW DOCUMENTATION – mainly for self-employed people and investors who are unable to supply required financial records at the time of application. Financiers will usually lend up to a set percentage of the property’s value without financial verification.
  • ALL IN ONE – allows you to deposit your income and extra savings into your loan account and withdraw available funds for whatever purpose.
  • INTRODUCTORY RATE – sometimes called a ‘honeymoon’ loan because you benefit from a lower interest rate usually for the first six months to three years.
  • PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE LOANS – are available to the majority of borrowers. There are many benefits, such as credit card discounts, but the key is being able to obtain a discount for the life of the loan not just a small introductory period.
  • LINE OF CREDIT – a very flexible type of loan which enables you to use the equity you have in your loan for any worthwhile purpose. Ideal for the disciplined investor.
  • COMBINATION (‘SPLIT LOAN’) – allows you to divide your loan between two different loan structures; for example, half of your loan can be a fixed rate and the other half a standard variable rate.


Please contact us to see how one of our Mortgage Brokers Rockhampton team can help you.